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Head of Global
Business Development

I am an American expat based in Prague, Czech Republic since 1992.
My company has specialized in international trade and business development since 1994.

In 2022, the US Embassy contacted me about Martin and Zaneta, Czech inventors of a new tree watering system for large/mature/veteran trees. 

It is rare to find a product or service that is truly disruptive and a technical advancement - let alone one that has an immense positive impact on the environment and a new line of business to enhance the scope of value-added service to your clients.


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Martin Tušer


My mission is to connect scientists, policymakers, and local implementers to bring the latest scientific knowledge into daily practice.

My field of work is combating climate change, urban landscape adaptation to climate change, optimizing tree ecosystem services, and advocacy for large urban tree conservation.

My objective for 2023 is to start reshaping the purposes of urban forestry, arboriculture, and landscape architecture globally toward mitigating climate change and decreasing the carbon footprint of the industries. I want to reallocate part of the vast sustainability and climate protection budgets to preserve the established trees we already have.

I came to the TCI Show to create a new vertical to give tree care professionals additional value to their customers and a new revenue stream. 

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