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Rules of the Early Access Partner program

  1. Eligibility Requirements:

    • Your company must be based in the USA or Canada.

    • Your company must have equipment that includes at least one water tanker, or you should have any other capability to fill two nearly 400-gallon bags on a large scale.

    • Companies offering deep soil injection services are preferred, as you will be able to compare the effectiveness of combining injections with the use of our bags.

    • The company should have a sufficient client base and workforce to utilize the bags on at least 20 trees.

    • The microclimate in the served area is predicted to be relatively dry during the coming months.

  2. Operational Requirements:

    • The TREEIB 1500 bags do not require trained personnel for operation; any adult instructed person can manage them.

    • Your company should be strongly interested in exploring new business opportunities, take a proactive approach to marketing, and share results with us and the wider industry.

  3. Feedback and Reporting:

    • Participants must share their experiences, including reports, user cases, pictures, and videos.

    • Testimonials and before-and-after photos are encouraged to provide comprehensive feedback.

    • Active participation in sharing insights and results with the industry is expected.

  4. Costs and Responsibilities:

    • You will receive two TREEIB 1500 bags for free.

    • You are responsible for local taxes, duties upon import, and shipping costs of approximately USD 100 per piece.

    • We do not cover any costs for the bag operation.

  5. Selection process:

    • We reserve the right to decide about a company's participation in the promotion.

    • There is no legal right to participate in the promotion.

By adhering to these rules, your company will play a pivotal role in pioneering this innovative product and driving its success in the market.

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