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Material properties and specifications

TREEIB bags are made of PVC, reinforced with PES woven fabric. It is highly durable, UV stabilized, German PVC material, used by state civil protection units and armies around the world.


TREEIB material - heavy duty PVC


  • Total weight: 620 g/m2

  • Fabric density: 1100 dtex

  • Coating: the fabric is coated with PVC on both sides, with the outer side in matte texture.

  • Tensile strength: 3000/3000 N/50 mm, DIN EN ISO 1421/V1

  • Tear strength: 300/300 N, DIN 53363

  • Temperature resistance: -40°C/+70°C (-40°F/+158°F) DIN 1876-1, PA 07.04 (intern)

  • Adhesion: 100N/5cm PA 09.03

  • Fire behavior: >100 mm/min ISO 3795


We have chosen one of the most durable and advanced materials available which perfectly compromises between durability and usage comfort. Stainless steel was considered as a possibility, but then nobody would be able to fold the bag and/or move it easily to another tree... The material choice was our first step to tree safety and protection against vandalism. 


The big advantage of the material is its ecological safety: no chemicals are leeched into the soil. The material is certified for use for child utilities, such as playgrounds and toys. We have the Norm EN71-3 (Toy safety) certificate available, which is used to prove that the material is safe for nature and people too.

EU REACH compliant

The material is produced under the REACH Directive (EC 1907/2006).
REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adapted to improve the protection of human health, and the environment, from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry. 


The bag can be repaired by any layperson. We deliver the bags with repair kits included, so that small damages can be easily repaired. This what makes our bags stand out - small irrigation bags from our competitors are next to impossible to repair. 


The bag surface has a nice matte character. It does not reflect the sun rays, which helps the bag blend in, in public spaces.

TREEIB is colorful

TREEIB® is produced in two colors: green and brown. We think both look really superb. 
Upon request we can manufacture our bags in any other of our 14 colors too. In situations where you would like to order larger quantities with specific colors, let us know. 

Explore colors here!


The material is fully CMYK printable with technology of digital UV print (like outdoor banners etc.). It gives full color, UV and water resistant and durable choice for your custom printing. The only limitation is the surface of welds, printing is not possible to the parts of material, which are parts on welds.

During standard production, the upper part of the TREEIB® bag is made out of 3 pieces of material - we can print logos, signs, whatever you wish, across the 3 pieces. Just be aware, that printing is not possible on the surface of the welds or the filling cylinder. However, if you are interested in a uninterrupted print, over the top of the bag, it is possible to manufacture the upper part with a single piece of material at extra cost.

Custom printing on TREEIB irrigation bags for large trees

Click the image to see the full resolution

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