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Martin Tušer

Martin Tušer BIO

Martin’s mission is to connect scientists, policymakers, and local implementers to bring the latest scientific knowledge into daily practice.

Download Martin’s BIO in pdf:

Martin’s field of work is combating climate change, urban landscape adaptation to climate change, optimizing tree ecosystem services, and advocacy for large urban tree conservation.

His objective for 2023 is to start reshaping the purposes of urban forestry, arboriculture, and landscape architecture globally toward mitigating climate change and decreasing the carbon footprint of the industries. He plans to reallocate part of the vast sustainability and climate protection budgets to preserve the established trees we already have.

Martin gives keynotes at conferences around the globe as well as webinars to professionals and the general public to achieve the objectives mentioned above.


Martin’s academic background is in economics and information systems. His career started in global corporations. Since 2004 he has been in business with his wife, and they have brought many innovations to marketing, publishing, landscaping, and tree care. One of the last contributions is a set of tools and a method of watering established, especially large trees in cities under the name TREEIB®. TREEIB® not only gives hope for a better life for urban trees but also opens for all tree care professionals a new segment for their business: watering large trees.

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