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New Opportunities for Landscapers:

Watering Services for Mature Trees Round table

Jul 18, 2024 10:00 Mountain Time 


This round table will be held in a form of ZOOM meeting. You will get a confirmation email if you are qualified.

New Opportunities for Landscapers: Watering Services for Mature Trees


This round-table meeting convenes the innovative minds behind TREEIB with leading landscapers and other parties of interest from across the USA and Canada. The objective is to kick off discussions on implementing TREEIB's set of tools for watering mature trees as a service, focusing on understanding landscapers' pain points, how TREEIB can address them, and optimizing the gain vs. pain ratio. 


This gathering marks the kickoff discussion on creating a new landscaper market segment.

10:00 AM - 10:05 AM: Welcome and Introduction

Opening remarks by the host.

Introduction of key participants.


10:05 AM - 10:15 AM: Presentation by TREEIB Inventor

Overview of TREEIB technology.

Benefits and features of the watering system.

The initial idea about TREEIB implementation within the landscaping industry


11:15 AM - 11:30 AM: Open Discussion: Opportunities and Challenges

Identifying the needs and requirements of the USA and Canadian markets.

Potential challenges in implementing TREEIB.

Regulatory and environmental considerations.


11:30 PM - 11:50 AM: Collaborative Strategy Session

Brainstorming solutions to anticipated challenges.

Developing a roadmap for pilot projects.

Assigning roles and responsibilities.


11:50 PM - 12:00 AM: Closing Remarks and Next Steps

Summary of key points discussed.

Setting timelines for follow-up actions.

Closing remarks by TREEIB inventor and lead landscapers.


  • TREEIB Inventor and global market development team members.

  • Executives of landscaping companies of all sizes from the USA and Canada.

  • Policymakers and regulatory officials.

  • NGOs from the sector

  • Bodies to help roll out the service to the market 


The primary objective of this round table is to initiate a collaborative effort between TREEIB and landscaping professionals to introduce and adapt new watering services for mature trees in the USA and Canada. By leveraging innovative solutions, the goal is to create new revenue streams, promote sustainability, and address water conservation issues while optimizing the gain vs. pain ratio.


Rare Opportunity:

This type of high-impact discussion and collaboration is a rare chance that comes once in a decade, offering unparalleled benefits for your business growth and innovation.

Shape the Industry's Future:

Be at the forefront of a groundbreaking initiative that could redefine the landscape services market and influence future trends and standards.

New Revenue Streams:

Set up how implementing watering services for mature trees can open up lucrative business opportunities and diversify your income.

Address Pain Points:

Collaborate to identify and solve common challenges landscapers face, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Influence Policy and Standards:

Engage with policymakers and regulatory officials, ensuring future regulations and standards align with industry needs.

Innovative Solutions:

Gain first-hand insights into TREEIB's advanced watering technology and how it can revolutionize your service offerings.


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