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Introducing TREEIB: Revolutionizing Tree Care with Science-Backed Solutions

Martin Tušer

Jul 4, 2024

A new vertical segment comes to the industry once in a decade. Such changes can significantly boost companies' profits and deliver new customer value. Also, such paradigm shifts open opportunities to increase companies' market values. One such change comes now from Europe, where a family business Ledasco created TREEIB®, a set of tools for watering mature trees. Ledasco invites all landscaping companies to co-create a new market segment.

In an era where environmental consciousness and sustainable practices are at the forefront of every industry, TREEIB® emerges as a game-changer in the landscaping sector. TREEIB® introduces a revolutionary set of tools for watering established and mature trees, including large trees, designed to transform how we care for our urban forests. 


TREEIB® is not just another product in the market. Developed by a Czech family business and produced in the EU, TREEIB® is a unique combination of an innovative watering method and large watering bags in three designs. These bags herald a new era of tree care, backed by science and proven by seven years of testing with outstanding results.


"At TREEIB®, we've pioneered a completely new science behind watering mature trees," says Martin Tušer, Chief Researcher and Business Development Director at Ledasco, a producer of TREEIB®. "Our method, backed by rigorous scientific research, demonstrates that watering big trees with low frequency by large watering doses on canopy dripline and beyond throughout the entire season brings significant results to the tree's aesthetic appearance, drought and uprooting resistance, and production of ecosystem services."


This science-driven approach translates to significant savings of resources, including water.


Creating a New Industry Segment

More than just a product, TREEIB® is a gateway to a new industry segment. By making large-scale tree watering feasible for the first time, TREEIB® empowers landscaping companies to tap into a lucrative market while contributing to environmental preservation. 


The new segment is extremely valuable, as confirmed by US landscapers. Justin White of K&D Landscaping reported they added $2M to their top line revenue once they started focusing on water management services. "Unique products like TREEIB® offer another revenue source for sustainable focused companies, " Justin adds.


"In TREEIB®, we believe in power of collaboration. We believe that the entire industry should work together to build this new segment, engaging also marketing companies and e.g. software providers," adds Martin Tušer. "By adding watering big trees to their portfolio as a new service, companies can increase profits, create new revenue streams, and deliver higher value to customers—all while protecting the environment. We have already been working with a major tree care company in California that replaces deep soil injections with TREEIB® because of its higher efficiency and no need for skilled labor. There is no competition in the market, and opportunities are endless. Implementing TREEIB® is a chance to create your own market, for yourself, together"


To kickstart this initiative, TREEIB® encourages landscaping companies to collaborate with them on promotional campaigns, leveraging before-and-after visuals to showcase the transformative power of TREEIB®. With TREEIB®'s versatile applications, companies can water trees themselves, rent out the bags to customers, or even sell them directly. They can create new jobs by simply informing potential customers about the existence of such tools and the benefits of tree watering. On top of that, companies can generate new customers because damaged trees are clearly visible, and TREEIB® is an affordable fix in many cases. These one-time customers can be turned into long-term customers for other jobs the company does. So TREEIB® can be a small opening job for long-term contracts. 


Furthermore, TREEIB®'s customizable bags present a unique advertising space, allowing companies out of the industry, such beverage producers, to promote their brand on full space print while contributing to urban greening efforts. By sponsoring municipalities or landscaping companies, local businesses can hack public space and increase their visibility while making a tangible impact on their local communities.


"The bags' printable surface makes them an effective advertising medium, creating a unique opportunity for sponsors to reach both public spaces and private gardens. This innovative model involves a sponsor purchasing TREEIB® bags for municipalities or landscaping companies, circulating throughout the city, and promoting the sponsor's message while maintaining urban greenery. Landscaping companies can actively seek sponsors to support tree care efforts, generating new jobs while preserving the vital role of large trees in urban environments," explains Martin Tušer. "With TREEIB®, companies have the power to make cities more livable, one tree at a time." 

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