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TREEIB Early Access Partner Program

Martin Tušer

Jul 9, 2023

TREEIB Launches Early Access Partner Program for US and Canada Landscaping Companies

TREEIB®, a world leader in watering mature trees, is excited to announce its Early Access Partner Program for landscaping companies in the US and Canada. This program offers three companies the opportunity to pioneer the use of TREEIB® method and bags within the landscaping industry, providing essential information from the implementation process to help launch this new service by the industry.

Why TREEIB Launches This Program: 

"At TREEIB®, we are dedicated to supporting the growth of the green industry in North America by creating a new market segment," says Martin Tušer, Chief Researcher and Business Development Director at Ledasco, the producer of TREEIB®. "We recognize that establishing a new service can come with challenges that are best understood by those within the market. This program is about defining the pains and gains experienced during implementation. By working with innovative companies, we aim to develop strategies that can be used by others to ensure a smooth and successful launch later this year."


Join the Early Access Partner Program 

Selected companies will receive two TREEIB® 1500 bags free of charge (a saving of $2440 USD), covering only local taxes, import duties, and shipping costs of approximately $100 USD per piece. Companies will also receive unprecedented support from the TREEIB® inventors.

When is the application deadline?

July 18 2024.

How to Apply: 

Apply at A motivation letter is requested.

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